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You can travel by car to the island of Rab from three directions:
First way: If you’re coming from Austria, you must follow the directions to Postjna, Ilirska Bistrica, Rijeka and Senj.

Second way: If your coming from Hungary the you’ll have to take the highway Zagreb-Split in direction to Split untill Zuta Lokva and after you have taken the exit, proceed to Senj.

Third way: If you’re coming from Italy you’ll have to follow the directions to Rijeka an then Senj and Split. In case you decide to travel by train, you can arrive to Rijeka from where you can take the direct catamaran line to Rab. The nearest airport is 40km away from Rab, there you can take one of the many bus lines. If you travel by car you can take the ferry lines Jablanac-Mišnjak or Valbiska-Lopar.

If you plan to stay on the island of Rab, you can contact us and we’ll send you a detailed route from your city to Lopar on the island of Rab with the ferry lines schedules and expenses you’ll come across your journey.

Island Rab

The Island of Rab's history predates written records, with evidence of Paleolithic habitation in Lopar.

Neolithic and Libum cultures followed, likely establishing the present port and city. Greek and Roman geographers referred to Rab as Arba, Arva, Arbia, or Arbitana. The name's origin, possibly meaning "umber, dark, forested," reflects the island's characteristics. Adapted by Slavic Croats, it became Rab around the 7th century.

The earliest Croatian reference is in a 15th-century Latin decree on the foundation of St. Euphemia abbey, housed in the island's museum.

Island Rab

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